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  • Gloria look
  • Gloria look
  • Gloria look
  • Gloria look

Gloria look


For Pride Month, we crafted this look with the PLACEBO community.

A glamorous and playful look that will help you create the best content!

Made from digital vinyl with a gradient print, this ensemble is designed to make a statement.



  • Recommended physical garments for picture

    Tight T-shirt.

    Sports top.

    Thin straps sports bra.

    Strapless bra.


    Tight pants/leggings.

  • Instructions

    • Minimum picture size: 1080 pix. Bigger picture = better result. 

    • No oversized garments, minimal clothing preferred. 

    • Good, even light. No contrast light.

    • Hair pulled back.

    • Preferably minimal clothing in the picture.

    By purchasing this product I give permission to Placebo digital fashion house to make changes and edit my picture.

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