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Frequently asked questions

How to wear digital fashion?

In Placebo we create digital fashion that can be utilized.

There are a few ways to utilize digital fashion:

CGI-(computer-generated imagery)- Wear digital fashion on social media.

Skins- Use our skins on your avatars on different platforms.

Are you selling NFT?

The answer is yes! We do! 

The skins we are selling on platforms that are blockchain based are NFT.

What is the best way to take a picture for pictures?

For the best picture results follow the instruction below:

  • Choose a digital garment. Next to each garment you will find recommended garments to wear in your picture.

  • Take a picture of yourself.

  • Make sure to take into consideration the volume of the garment.

  • Hair pulled back.

  • No contrast lights- indoor light is the best.

If I want to collaborate with you?

We are always happy to collaborate with creative people. You can always reach out to us on our email:

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