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Introducing an extraordinary collaboration between threeASFOUR and PLACEBO, two visionary forces merging to create a truly revolutionary collection for the Fall/Winter 2023 Paris Couture season. This captivating collection delves deep into the intricate connection between the physical and digital realms, pushing the boundaries of fashion and challenging traditional norms.

Drawing inspiration from the concept of parallel universes, our collection embarks on a journey to explore the vast spectrum of possibilities that exist within the fashion cosmos. With 23 meticulously crafted phygital looks, we invite you to witness the harmonious fusion of human creativity and the power of technology and artificial intelligence (AI). While AI serves as a catalyst, it is essential to emphasize that every design emanates from the collaborative efforts of our exceptional team, combining their expertise and imagination to bring forth a collection that transcends limitations.


Photographer: Petros Kouiouris @petros_koy 

Styling: Altorrin @altorrin

Hair: Cassie Carey

Makeup and Nails: Stephanie Hernandez @clawedbylacreme

Studio: Mana Contemporary @manacontemporary

3D printing: Art by Alessandro Zomparelli @alessandro_zomparelli

in collaboration with Stratasys @stratasys



Charlotte Kemp @charlottekempmuhl

Jack James @jackjamesbusa

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