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The Mother of Pearl digital fashion line is an exclusive drop celebrating both the Mother of Pearl collection and its complementary metaverse experience, brought to you by Placebo Digital Fashion House and VR Studio, Parade Animation.

In the enchanting and beautifully animated Mother of Pearl, fashion and VR are merged to tell the tale of the world-renowned designer, Albert, who dives underwater and stumbles upon the newly-discovered, mysterious Placebo creatures, the expert marine tailors of the deep sea. Typically reserving their designs for other sea creatures, the Placebo creatures partner with Albert on this captivating line, skillfully crafted for humans.

Inspired by the beauty of the deep seas, the Mother of Pearl collection features an elegant aquatic-inspired palette and silhouettes that follow the majestic shape of corals and seashells, the jewels of the sea. Ultimately, coming together to form the elevated outdoor-glam collection that integrates buckles, quilt techniques, and trims.

We pride ourselves in sharing that the Mother of Pearl collection was intended to be genderless and sizeless. The collection features a delightful surprise companion look for your pet.

Links for the VR experience: Mother of Pearl (oculus.com)

Buy the collection: Placebo DFH – DRESSX

Snapchat Lens AR garment: Mother of Pearl by Placebo Digital Fashion House (snapchat.com)