Placebo is a digital fashion house which takes fashion into the next level!

We always make sure to stay on track when it comes to innovation in fashion and technology.

Our house defines and challenges traditional fashion as we know it.



Fashion is one of the industries causing the most pollution!  

Using digital fashion means using data instead of physical items and because of that reducing the environmental impact.

Fashion today is a tool to create content. By using digital fashion we give you a chance to create unique fashionable content in a sustainable way.


The gaming community is growing every year.

Placebo Digital fashion house can take user experience to the next level by creating iconic moments and unforgettable characters using digital fashion.

That is why we believe that there is a place for fashion design in gaming.

Avatars are a representation of us in the most ideal way, it is our escapism!

Our house can help gamers express themselves and their style by giving them fashionable options.


Placebo Digital fashion house can give more than what reality can provide.

Digital fashion can adjust to every size, gender, and age - it is for everyone!

Our customers love to express themselves through social media and create great fashion content. We make sure to give them the option to dress in runway looks that most of them have no access to.

We believe that digital fashion will continue changing the fashion industry as it is today.

Fashion is a reflection of our present and what we wish our future to look like. The fashion industry will have to embrace technology in order to be relevant to the new generations.

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