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Placebo 0.1

Placebo 0.1 is the house's first collection that introduces the brand.

The collection tells a story about a future tribe that believes in the science of human beings, a tribe that believes we are all connected by our algorithm and our DNA!

A tribe that celebrates humans, equality, and the future of our world!

Placebo 0.1 are clothes for all humanity! It is a collection without gender that blurs the line between masculinity and femininity.

The brand designed the collection by experimenting: with breaking patterns and contrasting volumes. Creating unexpected changes in the garments. Exploring new silhouettes and asymmetric shapes. 

Creating prints inspired by science and DNA illustrations. A combination of chemical colors that celebrate the uniqueness of each one of us.

Placebo 0.1 collection is giving the viewer a glimpse of the future as we see it!

A future of peace and equality. A future that will prove to us all that we are not as different from each other as we thought we were.


'Babylon' is a hybrid collection, both physical and digital. It tells the story of the Tower of Babylon, the biblical story of people challenging God by building a high tower. The collection uses the tower as a metaphor for the internet in the 21st century, how people can blur physical boundaries and collaborate by using the internet.


Music composed and produced:

Joseph ‘E-Shine’ Mizrahi



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